Guided tour with focus selection

You can choose between 3 main themes for the tour:

Guided tour within the fort (intra muros)
Tour outside the fort (extra muros)
Guided tour to the Limes


Guided tour in German, English or French
Max. 30 people
Duration: approx. 45 minutes
Cost: €60 plus reduced entry €6 per person (from 01.01.2025 70 € plus reduced admission)

leadership”intra muros
Short introduction to the history of the Roman fort Saalburg am Limes. Guided tour of the archaeological exhibitions with finds that illustrate the everyday life of soldiers and the civilian population. The tour's starting points include the team room, the flag sanctuary, the artillery collection, a dining room with original wall paintings and the stone hall.

leadership”extra muros
Guided tour of the camp village: insights into civilian life. Exploring the outside area of the Saalburg, e.g. E.g. Kastellbad, hostel, ski jumps and Limes.

Guided tour of the Limes UNESCO World Heritage Site
Guided tour through the fort's camp village, past the Roman redoubts to the Limes, which is exceptionally well preserved near the Saalburg Roman fort

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