Museum box

The museum case is designed to help teachers bring Roman history to life in the classroom. It contains materials on various subject areas of Roman antiquity, from replicas of everyday Roman objects, tableware and glass, jewelry and clothing to books, media and worksheets.

As a special attraction, the suitcase also contains original archaeological finds, which offer your students the unique opportunity to “understand” Roman history directly.

The suitcase is covered by the school's liability insurance. When you pick it up and return it, a member of staff will check the suitcase with you to make sure it is complete. Please allow around half an hour for this.

To download the Flyer museum case


Loan period 14 days
€25 rental fee
Booking museum suitcase:


Der Museumskoffer Hessen, ein blassgrüner Metallkoffer mit zahlreichen Darstellungen von hessischen Kulturgütern auf allen Seiten und dem Schriftzug Entdecke dein Hessen.

Hessian museum case

You are interested in him Hessian museum case?

Further information can be found here.

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