Daily program “Excursion to Roman times”

Daily programme from 10.30am to 5pm

In our intensively supervised daily program, students gain a comprehensive insight into life on the Limes in Roman times. The content is supplemented by a variety of practical examples and action-oriented activities.

Program Sequence:
Starts at 10:30 a.m

  1. Tour outside the fort (extra muros): Insights into civilian life in the fort village (Vicus); Excavation history and reconstruction of the fort; Exploration of the outside area of the Saalburg (Limes, Jupiter Column, Mithras Sanctuary, thermal bath ruins)
  2. Toga, brooches and sandals: demonstration of Roman costume and military equipment
  3. Guided tour within the fort (intra muros) with a look behind the scenes: basic knowledge and additional information on the history and culture of the Roman Empire; explanation of found material; History of the Saalburg and the Limes; the Roman army, Roman everyday life, Roman gods and myths
  4. quiz
  5. Active program: archery and spear throwing (March to October); Weapon training with sword and shield (ad arma) and formation tortoise (November to February)
  6. Roman children's games (e.g. astragal game, nuts games)

Ends at 5 p.m


In German, English or French
Max. 30 pupils aged 8 and over
Duration: approx. 6 ½ hours
Cost: 370 € plus reduced admission 2 € per student and 6 € per adult 

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