Gab's das Damals schon? Thementag Handwerk

Did that already exist back then? Craft theme day

The craftsmanship of antiquity is fascinating and diverse. The things of that time were made with so much skill and understanding that we still marvel at them today. They used materials that are familiar to us, such as wood, iron and wool, but also very unusual ones such as bone, bronze and antler. If you want to find out how common things were made a long time ago and would like to try something out for yourself, you should definitely come to Saalburg Castle this weekend. There is a colourful programme to learn, experience and participate in.

from 10 am to 5 pm
Discounts and group prices are not granted for these events with a particularly extensive programme.
All guided tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities are included in the regular admission price.

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