Römerlager mit Reitern und Soldaten

Roman camp with horsemen and soldiers

This weekend at Saalburg Castle, everything revolves around various units of the Roman army. The Roman horsemen demonstrate their riding and fighting skills and present their equipment in the cavalry camp. Find out how to stay in the saddle during battle without stirrups and what special tasks the cavalry troops were used for.

Of course, the soldiers from the auxiliary troops should not be missing. The 4th Vindeliker cohort sets up its marching camp and presents its impressive guns.

Riders and foot soldiers together give an impression of what things might have been like in the fort almost 2,000 years ago. Anna Langgartner and Carsten Amrhein explain why research today assumes that foot soldiers and horsemen were stationed together at the Saalburg in the lecture “Horses at the Saalburg. “The everyday life of a horseman in the Roman army around 200 AD.” The focus is on the archaeological finds. There is certainly an answer to the often asked question about Roman horseshoes.

Participatory activities for the whole family round off the program for young and old.

from 10 am to 5 pm
Discounts and group prices are not granted for these events with a particularly extensive programme.
All guided tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities are included in the regular admission price.

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