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Current publications and many volumes of the Saalburg Yearbook can be obtained from the museum shop and bookshops.


The Saalburg can look back on a long tradition of scientific publishing activity. As early as 1897, Louis Jacobi published the fundamental overview work “The Roman Fort Saalburg”.

The Saalburg Yearbook has been published regularly since 1910. Today it is an important publication series for international Roman provincial research and contains extensive research reports on the sites at the Limes as well as specialised articles on various aspects of the finds.

In addition to the yearbook, the Saalburg-Schriften on individual topics with popular scientific presentations, conference reports and booklets accompanying special exhibitions have been published at irregular intervals since 1995.

The monographs "Der Vicus des römischen Kastells Saalburg" (2010) and "Die Saalburgkastelle" (2016) by Cecilia Moneta provide a new summary of the archaeological findings from the Saalburg area.

The catalogue "Glanz und Alltag. Preziosen aus den Sammlungen des Römerkastells Saalburg" presents selected objects in appealing pictures.

A new guide booklet entitled "Römerkastell Saalburg - Rundgang durch den archäologischen Park" is available in German and English for visitors to Saalburg Castle. Other guides present the various permanent exhibitions in the Saalburg Museum.


In continuation of the annual reports to the great sponsor of the Saalburg Museum, Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Saalburg Yearbook has been published regularly since 1910.

The first editor Heinrich Jacobi, son and successor of the Saalburg pioneer Louis Jacobi, initially published the excavation and find reports of archaeological research in the Saalburg area, especially along the Limes.

Already after the First World War, however, the yearbook developed into a publication medium for archaeological research from the Roman provinces in Germany and beyond.


Since the Second World War, it is above all the important and fundamental sources of archaeological finds and extensive research reports on sites along the borders of the Roman Empire that have made the Saalburg Yearbook an important and renowned series of publications in international Roman provincial research.



Volume 61, 2022, published in spring 2023, offers a colorful bouquet of topics.

The programme begins with Martina Meyer and Christof Flügel's reflections on the reception of imperial imagery at the Limes.

These are followed by several works on find materials. Stefan Pfahl presents the so-called golden Hercules clubs and, in a further contribution, gems with Greek and Latin inscriptions from Germany.

Peter Henrich reports on a fibula depot from the Anhausen small fort.

Carsten Amrhein edits the small bronzes from the Saalburg Roman fort and thus closes another gap with the presentation of this important Saalburg collection.

Egon Schallmayer illuminates the ancient myth of Mercury, based on a terracotta statuette from the Dieburg burial ground.

Last but not least, the current yearbook closes with a work by Franziska Lang and Clemens Brünenberg, who, based on a new building survey, develop considerations and new approaches to interpretation of the so-called forum/department store east of the Saalburg.

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