Ein römischer Soldat in voller Ausrüstung mit blauem Schild steht im Wald und liest ein großes Schild vor sich, das die Ausbauphasen des Limes erklärt.


The Limes in the Taunus is one of the best-preserved sections of the World Heritage Site in Germany. The Hochtaunus Limes adventure trail follows the course of the Limes hiking trail and the Limes cycle path and runs for more than 30 kilometres from Glashütten to Ober-Mörlen. The Saalburg Roman fort lies at the centre of the route. Other impressive Roman monuments are the forts Kleiner Feldberg and Kapersburg. Hikers can discover the remains of numerous watchtowers along the entire route along the rampart and ditch system, which is visible everywhere. The monuments and stations are explained by descriptive information boards and short circular routes.

An entertaining hiking guide with highlights of Roman history compiles selected tours through the Hochtaunus region: Stefan Jung, hiking on the Limes adventure trail (2013).

Further information


The map shows the course of the Hochtaunus Limes Adventure Trail.
Listed are the forts and the approximate locations of the towers.
(Map: J. Ost)

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