Limes Information Center

Detailansicht einer Tafel aus dem Limesinformationszentrum mit einem Informationstext über das UNESCO-Welterbe und dem Bild einer ägyptischen Statue.


In the entrance area of the Saalburg, the "Central Limes Information Centre Hesse" provides free information with texts, photos and illustrative drawings about the Upper German-Raetian Limes in Roman times, its exploration and the current project to establish the transnational UNESCO World Heritage Site "Frontiers of the Roman Empire".

For more information on life at the Limes in Roman times, visit the Saalburg Roman fort with its museum. The Saalburg is the ideal starting point for a journey through time along the Limes, either with a walk on the "Saalburg Circular Trail" or a hike on the "Hochtaunus Limes Adventure Trail".

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