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Ossitatio torrorenis est erum ape
nulliquam ipsa doluptam eos autempos
quos ad earchillam voles eost.

Odiam quam et autem fugiam, iusanis
et magnis ditaquam atquiatur
alibusandi que nis et volupta volo-
rerum verspis dol

Welcome to the
Saalburg Roman Fort


SALVE – Welcome!

This greeting may have been heard 2000 years ago when Roman soldiers arrived at the Saalburg after a long march with their heavy packs. Today, the main gate – the Porta Praetoria – swings open for all guests who travel back in time in the footsteps of the Romans.

The fort, rebuilt more than 100 years ago, stands high on the Saalburg Pass in the Taunus Mountains. With its crenellated walls, it watched over the former frontier of the Roman Empire, the Limes. Surrounded by the ruins of a Roman village with temples shaded by ancient trees, the Saalburg evokes the atmosphere of an archaeological landscape park.

Come with us to the Roman world – there’s so much to discover …